Microsoft PowerPoint - 2009 Safety Summit - pedbike safety and lPowerPoint dismisses liability concerns for constructing roadways that accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists

A must view PowerPoint for all Michigan road agencies, planners, engineers and politicians.  Written by Ronald W. Emery (Transportation Division Dept. of Attorney General), Josh DeBruyn (Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator – MDOT) and Deirdre Thompson (Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Engineer – MDOT), this PowerPoint demonstrates through case law that NO liability risk exists for accommodating nonmotorized facilities users through bike lanes, road diets, mid-block crossings or signing rural roads/shoulders as bike routes.

Download Presentation: Ped Bike Safety and Liability

Questions on this presentation can be directed to:
Josh DeBruyn, AICP
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Bureau of Transportation Planning
Michigan Department of Transportation