Action alert!

Your input is critical at this time, especially if you live within the Traverse City city limits! The Traverse City Commission is having a study session on Monday February 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Governmental Center (400 Boardman Ave) to discuss current plans to rebuild 8th Street between Garfield and Barlow. The current plan as designed does not accommodate safe provisions for bicycles.

The Michigan Complete Streets Coalition and our local ally TART believe strongly that now is the time to redesign the 8th Street corridor with the Complete Street concept in mind, which means streets are designed to have room for all users (autos, bus, bike and pedestrian). There may be an opportunity to change the roadway to incorporate dedicated bike lanes along the corridor.

If we do not ask for bike lanes to be added at this time, we could be missing an opportunity to make Traverse City an even more Bicycle Friendly Community. It could be many decades before 8th Street is completely reconstructed again. Please attend the meeting or contact the City Commissioners directly by phone or email. You may find their contact information here.

We hope you will heed this call to action!

Learn more about the Complete Streets in the Traverse City area from Tart Trails and