Downtown Manistique, Michigan.

On Monday September 13, 2010, the Manistique City Council unanimously passed a Complete Streets Resolution – making them only the second city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to do so!

The Manistique Strategic Alliance for Health Coalition in partnership with the City of Manistique first started working on the Complete Streets project after Walkable Communities Expert, Dan Burden, conducted a walking audit and training in Manistique in October 2009.

After months of presentations in the community, and working with City Administration and members of the City Council, the draft Complete Streets resolution was presented in August of 2010.  This came only weeks after Governor Jennifer Granholm signed two new bills into law requiring MDOT to develop a Complete Streets plan and for communities to consider all users as they design and construct streets, sidewalks, bikepaths and other transportation infrastructure.

The City Council and leadership of the City of Manistique, is to be commended as they understand the benefits that Complete Streets can bring to the health of our citizens and the economic health and vitality of our community. The key now is to work to secure funding that can begin to make these infrastructure changes a reality, and improve accessibility for all transportation users in the City of Manistique: pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicles and other users.

The City of Manistique is a town of about 3000 residents, located on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.

For more information on the Manistique Complete Streets Resolution, please contact Kerry Ott, Strategic Alliance for Health Community Coordinator at 906-341-9561 or

Article from the Daily Press

Complete Streets Resolution for Manistique, Michigan

Passed by unanimous vote of the Manistique City Council on September 13, 2010

WHEREAS, increasing walking and bicycling offers the potential for greater health of the population, and more livable communities; and

WHEREAS, A Complete Street is safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel by automobile, foot, bicycle, and transit regardless of age or ability, and

WHEREAS, The Michigan Legislature has passed Complete Streets legislation that requires the Michigan Department of Transportation and local governments to consider all users in transportation related projects; and

WHEREAS, the Michigan Planning Enabling Act has been amended, requiring that all transportation improvements identified in a plan are appropriate to the context of the community and considers all legal users of the public right of way; and

WHEREAS, Complete Streets support economic growth and community stability by providing accessible and efficient connections between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations by improving the pedestrian and vehicular environments throughout communities; and

WHEREAS, Complete Streets enhance safe walking and bicycling options for school-age children, in recognition of the objectives of the national Safe Routes to School program; and

WHEREAS, the City of Manistique recognizes the importance of street infrastructure and modifications such as sidewalks, crosswalks, shared use paths, bicycle lanes, signage, narrow vehicle lanes and accessible curb ramps, that enable safe, convenient, and comfortable travel for all users; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Manistique, to the extent feasible, will include Complete Streets design considerations and practices as a routine part of infrastructure planning and implementation; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Manistique supports the future development of a non-motorized transportation plan and a Complete Streets ordinance that supports ease of use and safety for all users of transportation systems within the City of Manistique.