The Michigan Complete Streets Coalition is pleased to report that on Monday, October 25, Ferndale’s City Council unanimously adopted Ordinance No. 1101.  The ordinance adds language to the Ferndale Codified Ordinances to encourage the implementation of a non-motorized network plan to provide Complete Streets that accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation passengers, and users of all ages and abilities.

Ferndale becomes the third Oakland County community to adopt some sort of Complete Streets policy.  They are joined by Berkley and Novi who recently adopted resolutions. Ferndale’s policy is unique, however, as it is an ordinance and ultimately is more enforceable than the resolutions of support adopted by Berkley and Novi.  Ferndale becomes the third Michigan community to adopt such an ordinance, joining Lansing and Saline. In total, Michigan now has 13 resolutions and ordinances in place, in addition to our recently adopted statewide Complete Streets law.

Congratulations Ferndale!  We would like to especially recognize Luke Forrest, Vice Chair of Ferndale’s Planning Commission and City Councilwomen Melanie Piana for their leadership on this ordinance.