The City of Taylor has joined a nationwide movement to make our streets safer for all of their users. At the meeting held on December 7, members of Taylor’s City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance to provide for “Complete Streets.”

“The goal is to put emphasis on the pedestrian or cyclist and not the motorized vehicle. We spend plenty of planning time thinking about traffic flow and not enough time considering accessibility and safety for everyone,” said Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand.

This point was recently empathized in a short discussion between the Mayor and local students during his visit to a local elementary school. The students expressed concerns regarding their safety while travelling in and around their neighborhoods and their difficulty crossing major thoroughfares without any major hazards.

Taylor makes the 5th Complete Streets Ordinance to be adopted in Michigan, along with a growing list of resolutions.

The Michigan Complete Streets Coalition congratulates the City of Taylor on this great accomplishment!

For more information, please contact the City of Taylor, Public Information Office: (734) 374-1447

Download Complete Streets Ordinance