On January 17, the Atlas Township Board of Trustees unanimously voted to support a Complete Streets policy after hearing a presentation on Michigan’s new Complete Streets law.

As reported in the the Grand Blanc View:

Brown said Michigan created the policy to encourage local municipalities to accommodate the needs of walkers, bikers and joggers when planning to improve streets in the area. If municipalities take into consideration the suggestions made possible under the Complete Streets policy, Brown said towns could reduce pedestrian risk by 28 percent while also trying to combat health issues, such as obesity, by making it safer for residents to walk rather than drive to places.

“Michigan adopted the policy and joined the growing movement because of a list of important things that help make communities a little safer and healthier,” Brown had previously said.

With support for the policy in place, officials can look toward making improvements in the township, such as adding sidewalks and bike lanes, updating the pedestrian signs and signals in the area, creating crossing islands to slow vehicle traffic and widening of lanes, and having more of a say in the projects.

Brown had also previously told the board adopting the policy would open up communication between Atlas and MDOT or Genesee County.

“There is always a little bit of dialogue with MDOT, but it is limited and more heavily geared toward what MDOT or Genesee County wants,” Brown had said during his presentation last month. “I am sure you all have come up against widening or improvements and have your ideas pushed to the wayside. That will no longer be the case with complete streets in place. They will have to communicate with you.”

Township Supervisor Shirley Kautman-Jones said she thought this type of policy would be beneficial to all the community and said it was important for the board to be aware of it so they could better prepare for future projects.

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