This steam vent is located in the middle of a sidewalk on Second Avenue in downtown Detroit. Photo by Todd Scott

The Complete Streets Photo Project is an online collection of photos documenting current conditions of Michigan roads focusing on “complete” and “incomplete” streets.  It is hosted on, a photo sharing website.

We are asking people to document the good, bad and ugly of your local community.  Submit photos of roadways of incomplete streets such as sidewalks that abruptly end, busy roads without bike lanes, dangerous intersections, non wheelchair assessable curbs, etc.  Please make sure to highlight examples of properly designed facilities as well.

The Project currently has contributing photographers in Lansing, Flint, Traverse City, Grand Rapids and Detroit.

See examples at:

Click here for complete how to instructions. (if you don’t live in Lansing, please ignore the Lansing specific info…we are working on a more generic statewide document)